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Discover Three Ways for DIY Washing Outside Windows

Let’s face it, washing outside windows are never fun. But it’s not as cringe-worthy as other household chores, like cleaning the under the sink or scrubbing the toilet bowls. It’s important to clean off dust and grime so the sun shines in and keeps your home looking and feeling fresh. Luckily, washing outside windows doesn’t have to be a chore. This DIY process is quick and easy when you the right tools and discover these three ways.

Removing Sliding Windows

When you have standard sliding windows, the first step is to try removing the windows to clean it. If it’s possible, then unlock your window and slide it open. Check your window’s side rails for screws and unscrew it. Once done, you lift the panel up and pull it out of the frame. This is when you clean the panel from the inside using a cleaning solution, microfiber cloth or a sponge, wiping it dry with a newspaper. Afterward, put the panel back into the frame, close the window, and tighten any loose screws.

Utilizing a Squeegee

If applicable, first remove the window screen. Then open your window while holding a long-handled scrubber, dip the long-handled scrubber in a window cleaning solution. You can wipe the squeegee across the window in rows, working your way down them with the squeegee.

Other Cleaning Methods

In most cases, taking out the window panels or utilizing long-handled cleaning tools can be uncomfortable or simply not possible at all. You may be able to reach the high windows with an extension ladder from the outside. When doing this, keep in mind to take safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

To keep them in good condition, cleaning your windows from the inside and outside is always important. But when your outside windows are too high up and out of your reach even from the outside, you might not get to clean it safely. If everything else fails, it’s time to call the professionals to cover those difficult and dangerous areas. If you need help with cleaning the windows in your home or workplace in Washington, DC, make sure you get in touch with View Window Cleaner LLC!

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